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Other Helps of The Equipping Bible

HISTORY:  A Timeline of History

A timeline correlating Biblical events with other world events to provide a big-picture perspective.

INTRO:  An Introduction to The Equipping Bible

An introduction to the mission and philosophy of The Equipping Bible, including an explanation of its features and how to utilize them.

LIBRARY:  Building Your Christian Library

Combines the Recommended Resources from each Division into one 'recommended reading' list along with other valuable elements of a believer's library.

INFO:  Useful Information

An appendix containing lots of information and lists:
  • Table of Weights and Measures
  • Hebrew Calendar with Feasts and Festivals
  • Well-Known Bible Events
  • Jesus:  Miracles of Christ
  • Jesus:  Parables of Christ
  • Jesus:  Teachings of Christ
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • ... and lots more.

GLOSSARY:  A Glossary of Christian Terms

Definitions of frequently misunderstood terms and phrases, such as:  fear of the Lord, faith, hope, propitiation, and repentance.

INDEX:  Helps Index

Index providing the page number of the non-scriptural material (Works Sections, Helps, etc.).

SUBJECTS:  Subject Guide

Bible verse references, organized by subject.

CONCORD.:  Concordance

Bible verse references and snippets, organized by word.

MAPS:  Maps

Maps of the ancient world and now, with a maps index.

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    * The Equipping Bible is a new specialty Bible designed and proposed by Sunny Snaith.  Tell me what you think! Creative Commons License: BY-NC-ND
The Equipping Bible
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