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The Equipping Bible™ Front Endpaper


  • Books of the Bible
    • Listed alphabetically and in Bible order
    • Including abbreviations and page numbers

  • Abbreviations Table
      Expansions of common abbreviations

  • The Equipping Bible Key Verse (also on front cover)
      "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful
      for teaching, rebuking, correcting,
      and training in righteousness,
      so that the man of God may be
      thoroughly equipped for every good work."
              ~ 2 Tim. 3:16-17
  • Features
    • Listed alphabetically
    • Including page number and Division
    • Color-coded to Division

  • Doctrine Category legend and color-coded edge labels
    • Easy access to KNOW the Truth Doctrine Articles
    • Scripture pages with Key Verses

  • Helps legend
    • Color-coded corner markings
    • An ordered list of Divisions and Helps

  • The Equipping Bible Motto
      "GOD's HOLY CALL to LIFE for the LOST before the END."
The Equipping Bible™ Rear Endpaper


  • Some Verses on Prayer
    Scriptural encouragement to pray

  • The A.C.T.S. Prayer Format (adapted from Too Busy NOT to Pray by Bill Hybels)
    Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication

  • Prayer Prompts
    Truths to meditate upon and corresponding supplications (requests) to make

  • Steps to Peace with God (adapted from two Billy Graham tracts)
    Scripture describing man's relationship with God

  • A Suggested Believer's Prayer
    A basic prayer to accept Christ as Lord and Savior

  • Next Steps to Follow Christ (adapted from a bookmark)
    Scriptural advice on how to begin living for Christ

Bible Text
The Equipping Bible™ Next
Other Helps

    * The Equipping Bible is a new specialty Bible designed and proposed by Sunny Snaith.  Tell me what you think! Creative Commons License: BY-NC-ND
The Equipping Bible
is a copyrighted work:
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