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The Equipping Bible Scripture Text and Notes

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The Equipping Bible Scripture Text and Notes

Uncluttered Text

  • Single-column format for easy reading
  • Natural paragraph breaks and poetry lines
  • Helpful section headings
  • Parallel passage headings
  • Red-letter words of Christ

Combined Translation Notes and Cross-References

  • Vertically aligned with Scripture text
  • Translation Notes are listed first, in a larger font
  • Cross-References follow, in a smaller font
  • Superscript symbols:
    • Letters only (avoids confusion with verse numbering)
    • Capital letters for Translation Notes
    • Lowercase letters for Cross-References
    • Cross-Reference letters restart at 'a' with each new verse

Marked Doctrinal Verses

  • Verse Markings:
    • Color-coded Doctrine Categories for immediate recognition
    • Marking in margin reserves Scripture text for personal marking
    • Margin markings are ideal for single verses that support multiple doctrines

  • Doctrine Notes:
    • Brief Doctrine Notes match the headings of the Doctrine Articles
      (in the KNOW the Truth Division)
    • List of supporting verses on that page
    • Reference to next supporting verse in parentheses
    • Adapted from the Scripture Index of The Baker Topical Guide to the Bible.

  • Page Edge Labels:
    • Easy access to Doctrine Key Verses
    • Match the edge labels of the Doctrine Articles
      (in the KNOW the Truth Division)

The Equipping Bible™ Categories     The Equipping Bible™ Motto

The Equipping Bible Doctrine Categories ( Detailed PDF Chart ):

  • GOD — The Father & The Godhead: 
    Qualities, Character, Names, Roles, Existence

  • JESUS — Jesus Christ: 
    Qualities, Names, Pre-Incarnation, Life, Death/After, Roles

  • SPIRIT — The Holy Spirit: 
    Qualities, Metaphors/Forms, Works/Roles, Gifts of the Spirit, Fruit of the Spirit

  • TRINITY — The Trinity: 
    Unity of the Godhead, Separate Persons, Deity of Christ,
    Personhood of The Holy Spirit, Shared Titles/Names

  • HOLY — Holy Creations: 
    Scripture, Prophecy, Promises, Miracles, Creation, Angels, Heaven

  • CALL — Salvation: 
    God's Call, Salvation, Baptism, Sanctification

  • LIFE — Christian Living: 
    The Believer, The Church, Spiritual Disciplines, Virtues, Roles

  • LOST — The Fallen: 
    Mankind, The Fall, The Curse, Sin, Satan & Demons, Fallen Creation

  • END — End Times: 
    People, Places, Signs, Events, Judgement, Eternity

Types of Works
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    * The Equipping Bible is a new specialty Bible designed and proposed by Sunny Snaith.  Tell me what you think! Creative Commons License: BY-NC-ND
The Equipping Bible
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